Self Proclaimed Foodie (and my occasional battle with food)

Let’s face it, there is nothing better than a solid meal (or three) after a hard day’s work. But having just endured almost two weeks of ‘exam diet’, a.k.a. excessive cookies, egg tarts, custard buns and sushi, I decided it’s time to purge the guilty indulgences of sugary cravings and unnecessary eating with healthier options. It got me thinking about all the homemade food I used to enjoy whipping up.


Homemade Mango Upside Down Cake

Whether it’s an ‘exam diet’, ‘holiday diet’ or ‘cheat meal/day’ it’s always good to remind yourself that the line of constant indulgence should be drawn somewhere. And although home cooking may seem like a chore to some, opting for an easy chicken salad at dinner after an all day gelato-and-Orange-Is-The-New-Black binge marathon may actually be healthier in the long run. Having left home for boarding school in my early teens, I learnt about balancing my diet the hard way. People can be incredibly critical about body image, but even more so about the way that you choose to eat. Eat ‘too much’ and you get the side eye, eat ‘too little’ and you get snarky comments about your ‘self deprivation’. I think most girls go through phases were we’re unhappy with our bodies and put ourselves through extremities of diets and exercise to ‘fix’ themselves. So what exactly did I learn about balanced diets and body image in boarding school? Eat and exercise sufficiently and disregard what others have to say.Yes, it’s important to be happy about yourself whether you’re goal may be to lose/gain weight, cut that waist or perk up that bum. But it may be time to reconsider the object of your ‘ideal’ when you begin to venture into dangerously unhealthy habits. You and I both know what I’m talking about, and although it may sometimes seem like a necessary reflex for a quick fix, crash diets, excessive exercising and unhealthy purging can’t be sustained forever – trust me.

Talking about this is often ‘taboo’, but if you have been affected by it, please don’t feel ashamed and know that you’re not alone. More importantly, know that there are far better solutions to getting on the healthy track. Like I said, I am an avid home cook – sometimes making food (and washing the dishes after) can be therapeutic and it’s always good to know in ingredients of the food you put in your body. Afterall, you are what you eat.

Food Collage