Reunions, there is nothing else quite like them.

There is nothing else quite like the familial love communicated through the long awaited hug between a mother and a child after the child’s semester-long absence studying abroad. Or the long winded conversations between two high school friends, reminiscent of their years past, in the car ride from the airport to the hosting friend’s childhood home.

2017 left its antecedent in the dust at the sign of the green flag when my best friend from boarding school flew in from Australia to visit me in my hometown. We hadn’t seen each other for over four years but, predictably, did not miss a single beat.


Of course, a trip to SEA would not be complete without a visit to Kuala Lumpur – a city infamously known for its nightlife. By the end of the trip, we had dubbed it “The Party City.” In the short three days that we were in Kuala Lumpur, we drank absorbent amounts of deadly cocktails, walked danced over 30,000 steps, ate half the inventory at a Nasi Kandar restaurant and laughed – a lot.

KL Collage 1.jpg

The memories we share with others is like our health – we neglect to appreciate it until Time, inevitably, snatches it away from us. Humans are so naturally consumed by the problems in our own worlds that we become distracted and forget the beauty that exist in the relationships we share with each other on a daily basis.


I hope this post encourages you to remain present. We all have a past – difficulties that engulf our capacity for present day happiness and/or perfectionistic concerns for a successful future. Yes, controllable factors like hard work and perseverance can be fostered in our present day, yes, blinders can lead you to your goal. But remember the people on the sidelines, too. Your supporters who, throughout your journey, questioned your impulsive motives hoping to steer you in the right direction, motivated you to strive for the greatness they believe you deserve, those who were the hardest on you and the same ones who celebrate your every victory, tenfold. Keep your blinders on and you neglect the undeniable love that encapsulates you everyday. Keep your blinders on and the beauty of your present remains in the unseen outskirts of your peripheral vision.

There will be nothing quite like the drunken (and sober) nights I shared with all of you. The nights filled with tear inducing laughter, an overload of hip-hop remixes, dangerous amounts of tequila and memories to last until the next reunion.

Clubs to visit when in KL:

  • S I X @ Bangsar
  • Savage @ Bangsar
  • The Rabbit Hole @ Changkat
  • Havana Bar & Grill @Changkat


Thank you for all the beautiful reunions.

You know who you all are x


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