A bend in the road, a falling of leaves, the change of scenery. Some dread the evolution that change brings while others thrive on new experiences. Change is something we all have to endure at some point or another.

It’s simply inevitable.


I often reflect on theories I studied in Psychology for scientific reasoning and evidence as to why certain things happen the way they do. As much as I despise Physics, I must admit, Science is often the only way to objectively visualize life. Being someone who always needs an answer to “why things are the way they are”, it’s also nice to have some sort of ‘logical’ explanation for inexplainable things that often cause me distress. It’s nice to (think I) have the answers for everything.

But what if the answer doesn’t exist? Sure, emotional states and stress can be ‘scientifically’ and ‘logically’ reasoned for, but does it really answer why things happened the way they did?

Change is stressful, regardless of the ‘change’ endured. One second your life is one way, but all of a sudden it isn’t. It is different. Foreign. New. Scary. Yet, exciting at the same time. My father once told me he didn’t believe in ‘stress’. “There is no such thing as ‘stress’, because once you admit to yourself that something is ‘stressful’, you give up. Nothing is stressful. It’s just a motivator for you to be better than you were before.” It’s a beautiful mantra easily forgotten in the face of adversity.

Over the course of seven weeks I have moved across the globe, started a new life, immersed myself in culture, met incredible (and not so incredible) people, been beat down by the hazing of a fraternity, survived on a lack of sleep, been severely homesick, endured an uninvited loneliness, persisted through midterms, joined clubs, explored my passions, loved, hated and learned a lot about myself. Yes, change brings the inevitability of stress and anxiety, but it pushes you to explore something new. So try to embrace it, and remember, Science can’t explain everything, so why not just leave some things up to Fate?

  Change 1


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