The ORIGINAL Pancake Kitchen

Summer of 2010 was the first time I had stepped foot into the Pancake Kitchen. It’s crazy to think that almost five years have past and it is still a memory that I hold close to my heart.

My father moved to Melbourne as a seventeen-year-old, in search of independence and his own sense of self – like father, like daughter – a year later, he moved to Adelaide where he resided for the next three years of his adult life. Being a reserved man, my father never talked much about his life in Australia, or maybe there just wasn’t much to talk about. But as my family and I sat around a small table in a corner of The Pancake Kitchen, worn furniture and antique mirrors featuring caricatured images surrounding us, he told the story of the many times he had frequented The Pancake Kitchen as an eighteen-year-old boy. Having worked part-time as a waiter and ‘dish washer’ in a restaurant in Chinatown while studying, that young eighteen-year-old boy didn’t have much for lavish meals and only ever ordered a Short Stack with maple syrup.

‘That was all I could afford.’

This time we ordered the Canadian Feast, Russian Blintz, and a Marshmallow Cocoa – a feast fit for a king.

I love telling people that story, most of all I love visiting The Kitchen to relive that memory. This year, I visited The Pancake Kitchen three times during my short six day stay in Adelaide. The first visit was called for the Canadian Feast as a savoury (and unfailing) introduction to the Pancake Kitchen for my compadre and the ‘IT’ – a combination of the Jamaican Banana and Hot Buttered Walnuts – for myself because I was ‘having trouble making up my mind’ and decided to give into the menu’s convictions. The second visit to The Kitchen called for their newly added special: Red Velvet. And finally the third and final hoorah called for Virginian Pancakes, one cheesy grilled pancake and one ham grilled pancake. Yes, the ham pieces were mixed inside the pancake! Yum.

Pancake Kitchen Collage

Never failing to impress or serve as a venue for a memorable meal, The Pancake Kitchen will always hold a place in my pancake-lovin’ heart. Did I mention they make the fluffiest pancakes in the world? Visit them.


The Pancake Kitchen is open 24 hours every day at 13 Gilbert Pl, Adelaide SA 5000


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