Happy UnBirthday

I remember by seventh birthday vividly – it was incredible. My mom had meticulously planned every last detail, making sure to invite all my close friends, their parents and even some of my favourite teachers from school. There was a treehouse, an archery barn, games, presents, a decadently iced Disney Princess cake (featuring no less than my favourite, of course, Belle) and lots of food. Even the timing of the party had been perfectly in tune with the arrival of my cousin who had been studying in Vancouver at the time. I remember the humidity being perfect enough to where the physical games had me glistening under the summer sun, and dense enough to where it was comfortably inviting. It was a perfect day. I remember a few other scattered birthday parties from my childhood and some additional ones as a teenager with a cookies and cream Häagen-Dazs ice cream cake to share with the company of my parents. Regardless of how many or few people I was surrounded by on my birthday, I always knew I would be alright if I was with my mom. That is, after all, what a ‘Birth Day’ signifies – the day when you were first united with the incredible woman who carried you for nine months.

But when you are away from your family, under the pressures of school and surrounded by foreign-ness, the significance of the day seems to diminish. I remember crumbling on my birthday last year. Although I still can’t identify what specifically caused the breakdown, it’s now dismiss it as the combination of all things above. So, I was determined to make the most of it this year – starting was a birthday celebration more than a month pre actual birthday date!
It was a cold, post-drizzley night in Sydney when I gathered my friends and boyfriend, who had just arrived in the city early that day, to huddle up and get warm the best possible way: eating Sydney’s most authentic Neapolitan pizza. Lucio Pizzaria sits on the corner of a mini restaurant strip in the middle of what seemed like the metropolitan suburbia of Darlinghurst. With no sign or obvious advertising, the taxi driver had difficulty finding the joint and I was forced to rely on my memory for the visuals of the restaurant. When everyone had arrived and we were seated under the warmth of the patio heaters, I felt utterly content. It was the first time my Sydney friends were meeting my boyfriend and so far, are seemed to be going well. The rest of dinner was filled with get-to-know-each-other chatter and laughter mingled with pizza chomping.

What we ordered:

  • Lucio – half margherita, half calzone with ricotta, mozzarella and ham
  • Margherita – tomato, mozzarella and basil
  • 4 Formaggi – mozzarella, fontina, gorgonzola and swiss cheese


I guess sometimes you just need to take control of situations for yourself and make the most of any given moment. And sometimes it’s nice to have an excuse to eat a pizza and a couple slices of gelato cake with a group of really great people.

Thank you, guys, for a memorable night x


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